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 Marketing Culture
A. The selling point is not to sell goods, but sell yourself.
Two. A highly efficient organization team must be a force strong organizational team.
3. All subordinated to the market, sales of all services, all customer and consumer satisfaction.
4. To succeed, you must pay the price. If you paid the price, you will succeed.
5 Do not do things without a purpose, do not fight the battle is not sure and know ourselves in order to know yourself.
6. Perseverance is a prerequisite for success, if you force the constant knocking at the door will always be people who answered the door.
7. Customer demand is our command, embodies the spirit of the professional services to improve the quality of service.
8. Business to do four ground: the mouth ground --- ""; Shouqin --- "shorthand" the; Tuiqin --- "run"; brain ground --- "want to".
9. We are willing to provide more in-depth services for clients to do more work; use our resources, skills, experience and manpower advantage is secured.
10 market economy is the efficiency of the economy. Market changes, high efficiency, the market can not be fast reactions, quick decision-making in the market competition must be eliminated.

Professional, so good
A. The right career concept: as their bounden duty and proud.
Two. Mature professional psychology: in victory, arrogance and defeat, fair competition, sharing success.
3. Good professional behavior: classy demeanor, graceful manners, self-management, awareness and good etiquette.
4. Occupational skills: the pursuit of its leading position in the same industry, and constantly improve themselves and improve the self and beyond self.
5 The largest professional values: the value of the company, get its own rational interests, to achieve win-win situation of personal and corporate wealth.

Enterprise spirit:
A. Induction by the competition, with contribution income.
Two. Today, working hard, looking for work tomorrow.
3. China and the United States because I am strong, I was gorgeous and proud.
4. The company is our mother, we are the company's blood.
5 Sincere, faith congregation; sharing of benefits, and the world economy.
6. Who is willing to work seriously, who can make a lot of results can be superior superior.
7. Dedicated to the loyal to the company, dedicated to the perseverance to the cause of sincerely dedicated to customer confidence for themselves.
8. Must be gorgeous as the platform of their own careers, rather than simply to make money to survive
9. Agree with the company's culture, when the encounter between personal interests and long-term conflicts of interest need to make a choice, based on corporate culture, to make the right choice.
10. Remember "Brothers do not mistaken the Hom diesel power" to do things to develop the first survey, study, and then decide, "the habit, in order to ensure efficiency, completion of established performance!

Sino-American philosophy: targeted, rapid action, solidarity, public Zhicheng
A. Concept of competition: more than there is progress!
Two. Service concept: hand handshake commitment, heart to heart service.
3. Management concept: specification is based on innovation is the soul.
4. Brand Strategy: sincere service, quality products.
5 Customer philosophy: commitment, however, delivery value.
6. Marketing idea: to develop new markets, quality service to win customers.
7. Business philosophy: class products, first-class efficiency, first-class image, first-class enterprise.
8. The concept of development: the creation of self-affirming the Self, self-perfection, beyond the self.
9. Talent philosophy: policy incentives, system administrator, to the culture created.

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