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As an enterprise focused on the full range of teeth whitening technology, we not only have across the board, a full range of products, we have a professional teeth whitening medical technical support team. We dedicated to provide you a full range of teeth whitening technology training and guidance:

A professional and technical services

To carry out tooth whitening, tooth whitening effect of the treatment process problems customers can provide the professionals free teeth whitening expertise
When you select JAJELAN teeth whitening technology to provide you with the professional training of medical staff to ensure the smooth development of this technology
In the early stages of using JAJELAN teeth whitening, the first three cases to provide telephone counseling service, the treating physician more confidence in treated patients are more satisfied with the course of treatment and efficacy
Case analysis for your doctor when you carry out when they encounter problems, employing well-known dentist whitening salon to discuss and solve problems in a timely manner
When your waiting area and the environment to allow a week to assign a senior technical support to provide free day waiting consulting, increasing the amount of your treatment of patients
If you are the clinical treatment of teeth whitening technology, interested in basic research, research, our company is willing to provide help to give you the whole, and to assist the Post
Your experience case reached a certain amount, we are willing to build a communication platform with domestic and foreign doctors, you are invited to participate in various professional meetings with professionals to share
Technical staff will insist on the half-yearly telephone or come to visit once, the timely detection of treatment problems, timely resolution of
Opening of 24 * 7 hours service hotline, holidays, professional services

Second, and marketing services

Electronic text when all kinds of publicity materials such as: X display rack, display panels, posters, etc. for your clinic, according to your requirements and clinic location after consultation by professional designers for your individually designed, the individual production
Randomly presented to the four folding their patients electronic documents for printing publicity use
When you carry out JAJELAN teeth whitening reach certain requirements can apply to join the ranks of the "the whitening JAJELAN special center", you are awarded a beautiful bronze, and assisting in the organization of the listing ceremony, publicity in the media and on the company website, increase your market reputation and patient acceptance

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